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Story Guidelines

I would like to take this moment to tell everyone of the guidelines for stories to be posted to the Convent story archives.

1.) All stories must be fun and from the heart of the author.[addendum: serious stories may be submitted as well.ŃCj]

2.) It does not matter who the stories are about, it can be any members from the Forever Knight universe with extra characters created by the author for the purpose of the story. But, I would prefer if there were not slash stories added to this loop. Slash means same sex stories. Normally I would have no problem with an author expressing themselves through their stories, but I have taken an informal poll from a majority of the Convent members and they have stated that they would like the stories to be m/f only. If anyone has a problem with this rule, please contact me privately and we will see what can be done to accommodate your tastes.

3.) Stories do not have to be smutty. They can be non-smut stories but preferably romantic in nature between any of the m/f couples you choose to put together (ex. N&N, Nat&LC, Nat&Vachon, T&V, etc...). The Convent has been established to carry on the romantic feel of the series that was left behind in favor of action during most of the third season.

4.) All stories must come to my email addy MrsMech@aol.comor and not to the dss loop because our Honourary Novice's are under the age to read these kinds of stories and I want to be able to keep them as members of the Convent without their parents getting upset with us for sending smutty stories to her email addy! Even the non-smut stories must come to my address too so that I can make sure they get to the website where they belong.

5.) The stories that are sent to the Convent from any member doesn't have to be a new story, any story that any member has written is welcome as long as it fits within the guidelines.

6.) Non-members must gain entrance, join the Convent in other words, before their stories can be posted to the archives. We want to keep the Convent site just for our authors and members so that we can control what comes and goes into the site.

I am sure I will think of something else to add to the guidelines, but if anyone else can think of anything that I have missed please feel free to contact me with your ideas and suggestions. Also, if you find the guidelines to be too restrictive or elitist please let me know and we will put it to a vote on the loop. I am not a tyrant or dictator, and am willing to listen to everyone's ideas. This Convent does not belong to one person, it is for all of the members. Cj and I are just the webpage keepers and information gatherers.

Thank you and you may now continue with your smutting and smiling!

Mother Superior/Sister Dementia


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