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The Convent Bulletin Board

September 7,1997

Fellow Convent members! Yes (woo hoo!), I finally updated the web page! This new page I've added will be used for Convent announcements (birthdays, anniversaries, well-wishing), calls for beta readers, writing challenges, and just plain (plane?) craziness. To kick things off, I will be posting a monthly (or so) challenge for the Convent members which will be posted both on this page and on the Convent e-loop. This will be another way of getting to know your fellow Convent members better (besides reading a member profile) by getting to know how their minds work, as we all like to have fun.
September 7,1997

Convent Challenge #1 (Issued Sept. 7, 1997)
Write a romantic story involving the use of at least eight of the ten objects/words listed below and using characters from Forever Knight:
1) Four Oreos (tm) (Nabisco Brand Cookies)
2) Four Thumbtacks
3) One Yellow Ribbon (Whatever length you want it to be)
4) One Math Book (weighs about 6 lbs.)
5) Four Jaw Breakers (Gobstoppers (tm) by Willy Wonka preferred)
6) One Tickle Me Elmo (tm)
7) One dog eared copy of "Green Eggs and Ham" [Sorry I couldn't help myself!]
8) One beanbag chair
9) One wall calendar of the year 1971
10) One stick of gum (DoubleMint-Double your pleasure, double your fun.)
The guidelines for this story:
Please try to keep it as non-smutty as you can for our Honourary members. Innuendo is fine, pending Mother Superior's approval. Your story can be silly, serious, or just normal(whatever that is ;-)). Please stick to the Convent story guidelines found on the submittal website . E-mail your stories to I'll be archiving the stories on the challenge website so please tell me if you want me to archive yours or not! The next challenge will be announced in about a month from now. Any questions? Ready, set, TYPE!
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